Quarterback Individual Passroutes Drill


The purpose of the Quarterback Individual Passroutes Drill is to improve the accuracy of the quarterback and work on his timing of throwing to specific receivers on specific passroutes.


In addition to working on the passing drills that have been mentioned, it would obviously be to your advantage to throw to an end or a back running any of our individual pass routes. You should work the most on the routes that are the most difficult for the QB to hit consistently.

Depending on the level you are coaching, you might have relatively big differences between receivers and how they run their routes (speed/quickness, accuracy). If so, let your QBs call out the receivers name to better remember the individual style of each receiver.

  1. one half of the Quartbacks participating in this drill takes it’s ground in the middle of the field, i.e. at the goalline facing into the field, the other half facing them 30 yrds away, i.e. at the 30 yardline.
  2. one half of the receivers participating in this drill line up to the right of the first QB-Group on the goalline taking a normal split; the other half to the right of the second QB-Group also taking a normal split.
  3. On the (short) snap count of his QB the receiver will run the designated passroute, the QB takes his drop and throws the ball to the receiver, who catches the ball and runs it to the QB-Group on the other side, then jogs over to this receiver-line, and waits for his turn.
  4. The QB rotate within their group.
  5. After a sufficient number of passes thrown by each QB the next passroute will be annouced.


Don’t forget to switch sides, i.e. before going to the deep routes start over the short routes to the other side.


This general setup can also be used for warming up QBs and Receivers.

Coaching Points

  • Watch for proper timing of QB,
  • don’t let him throw off balance just to hit a receiver quicker, rather work on quicker drop,
  • nor let him throw too early.


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