Quarterback Throwing Progression Drills


  • This is an excellent Warm Up Drill for quarterbacks.  It  will improve arm strength and will help prevent arm soreness.


Two QBs or a QB and Coach or QB and Receiver align across from each other at about a distance of 10 yards.  The drill begins with both people in a seated position and they will play catch with the football .  It is important to watch the mechanics of the throw to be sure that all the proper mechanics are being followed.  This is not a time to develop bad habits.

Throw about 25 balls in each position.

Coaching Points

  • Stress both hands on football
  • Bring the ball up to the arm pit, then snap it up to the throwing position (cock  your gun and fire)
  • Be sure to follow through. Remember to roll the thumb over with the index finger being the last to leave the ball


  • Football(s)

 These Quarterback Throwing Progression Drills are contributed by ©2007 Mike Wyatt, at that time Head Coach at Oklahoma Panhandle State University – The Oklahoma Panhandle State Aggies are an Independent Team playing at the NCAA II Level.