• Kieran Urs Magnus Roth
    In memory to our son Kieran who was born on March 2nd, 2001 and died just 7 days later on March 9th, 2001
  • A-play-A-day
    They post a new video each day (Monday – Friday) from one of the brightest coaches in the game.
  • Glazier Clinics
    Find a 2014 Football Coaching Clinic Near You!
  • Bayerische Coaches Convention
    One of the largest – if not the largest – European Coaches Convention
  • Cologne Crocodiles
    My former team – I played for for about 11 years
  • Augsburg Raptors
    The team I coached from 2010 – 2013
  • Fursty Razorbacks
    The club I’m coaching the U13 Team
    2017 5man-Flag Indoor – Bavarian Champion 13-0
    2017 7man-Flag Outdoor – Bavarian Vice-Champion 6-2