Offseason Training

The importance of the Offseason Weight Lifting and Conditioning

Since the actual football season is rather short, the most time of the year it’s offseason, that is there are no games and usually not even football realated team practices. That means that practice planning for football is planning practice cycles:

✔ Offseason
✔ Preseason
✔ Inseason

Since the offseason is actually the longest period, the cornerstone for success in the season is indeed already laid in offseason training. This also means that you have to carefully plan your schedule throughout the whole year to be at the peak of your performance at the right moment: the competition-phase (Season).

Football Offseason Training:

Weight Lifting

Football Offseason Weight Lifting Programs:
First of all it is important to know that the offseason training has to be different than the inseason training. Especially because you have a lot more time in the offseason, the offseason training can be planned in multi-week programs to build up strength, speed and endurance. While the inseason training is “just” to maintain the level that’s been accomplished during the offseason.
✔ Warm Up
Before every workout, no matter what, the athlete has to warm up to prevent muscular injuries.
✔ Every Day Strength Training
This training program is designed for the beginning athlete who might not have the opportunity to go regularly to the gym
✔ Cool Down
A certain kind of cool down should also be done after each practice.
✔ Hypertrophy Program
This weight training program is more for the more abigious and weight training experienced athlete and should not be done without supervision by beginners, and never without a workout partner.
✔ Plyometrics
Plyometrics are not really strength or weight training. Even though at some exercises small weights might be used. It’s also only for the experienced athlete and should not be done by beginners without supervision. It’s goal is to improve the musculare explosiveness of the athlete.


These running programs have been run successfully at different NCAA programs
✔ Football Offseason Conditioning
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