Kicking & Punting Drills

“Of all the positions on a football team, punter and placekicker may be the least understood and least appreciated by fans and even some coaches. Yet these two positions are extremely important to any team’s success. These players often fall into two groups: starters at some other position who work on kicking only part-time, or kicking specialists who don’t play any other position.”

Tom Bass

Kicking Drills & Punting Drills:

  • Placekicking
    Football Kicking Drills:
    Horseshoe Drill
    The Horseshoe Drill is a great drill to get the kicker get accustomed to kicking from all angles. To have a kicker who is able to reliably kick a fieldgoal from any angle is a great advantage as it gives the OC more freedom to call a play on third down when withing kicking range as he doesn’t have to consider the ball placement for a fieldgoal try in case the offense doesn’t make the first down.
    Height And Accuacy Drill
    This drill helps – besides improving the always improvable accuracy – to avoid blocked fieldgoal attempts as it trains the kicker to elevate soon enough so it can’t get blocked.
  • Punting
    Football Punting Drills:
    Great punts all origin in precisely excuted mechanics. Starting with a correct stance, catching the ball and then going through the steps. Most crucial is the ball handling, that is, how is the ball handled from the moment it’s being caught to the moment when (and how) it leaves the hand of the punter. This phase can be taught and practiced best with the
    Drop Consistency Drill
    while the
    Line Punting Drills
    then put the different phases of punting the football (stance, catching, steps, dropping and punting) together all the way through to actually punting the football. But still mainly focussing on consistently executing precisely the correct mechanics.