Punting Drills


Let’s be honest: Nobody want’s to punt the football! – As it means failure of the offense to move the ball close enough to the opponents endzone to at least try a field goal. And yet, it’s one of the most important single plays in your playbook. Just punting the ball in a way that forces the opponent to start their next  drive 10 yards closer to their own endzone makes a significant statistical difference in their chances to score.

So it’s well worth practicing punting the football. And if it’s worth practicing, it’s worth practicing it right! So here are two punting drills to improve the punting skills of your punter, which in turn might win you a game or two in the long run.

Drop Consistency Drill
The Punting Drop Consitency Drill works on the mechanics of a consistent drop which is essential in executing a good punt.
Line Drill
The Punting Line Drill reinforces doing all mechanics in a straight line.