Place Kicking Height and Accuracy Drills


The purpose of these Height and Accuracy Drills is to concentrate on kicking the football in a straight line while getting good enough height on the kick to clear the line of scrimmage.


The kicker places the football on the tee, or the holder places the football on the tee 7 yards from the goal post upright. The football is placed on the same line as the goal posts (end line). The kicker kicks the football down the line and at the goal post upright. The kicker’s main objective is to get the ball up over the height of the cross bar (represents line) and to either hit the upright with the football or land the ball in a 4 yards sector (marked with cones) forty to forty five yards down field.

Coaching Points

Kicker has always go through his procedure, i.e. taking his steps back from the launch point. As each attempt is done from the same spot this often looks as a good idea – it is not! – as it speeds up things during practice.


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