Place Kicking Horseshoe Drill


The purpose of this Place Kicking Horseshoe Drill is to give the kickers practice in lining up kicks from different angles.

In a game the kicker gets only one attempt at a kick. Therefore, in this drill the kicker should only take one attempt from each spot either working individually or with the team.


It is good to do this drill under pressure situations. (If kickers practice on their own: who’ll get the balls after each kicked 2 or 3 times from the same spot,

or number of additional conditioning sprints for the whole team for each missed kick,

or if vs. kick-block team: for each missed kick the kicking unit does 3 sprints, and for each good kick the defending team does 3 sprints.

Coaching Points

Kicker must always go through his procedure, he must not take shortcuts like knowing where to stand so he doesn’t take his steps from the launchpoint.


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