Offensive Line Drills

Offensive Line

“While good weight and height are desirable, one of the most important physical characteristics needed by an offensive lineman is quickness. An offensive lineman my not be the fastest player in a 40-yard dash, but all good offensive linemen are extremly quick in their movement for the first 5 or 10 yards. Great quickness allows an offensive lineman to get into proper position on a defensive player, physically placing himself between the defensive man and the ball carrier, or between the pass rusher and the quarterback.”
Tom Bass

Offensive Line Drills

What would a football game be without a good blocking (run and pass) offensive line? 🙂 Nothing! No Runningback would be able to gain a yard, no quarterback would be able to get a single pass thrown without the selfless work of the unsung heroes of the offensive line! Well, as often said, in football it all comes down to blocking and tackling. And the offensive line’s “only” task is blocking. So every team and every coach should give them the credit they deserve and help them to be the best they can be… with great offensive line drills:

Offensive Line Practice Schedule

A complete Practices Schedule for Offensive Linemen. Includes
✔ Pre Practice
✔ Practice
✔ Individual Time
✔ Group Period
✔ Base Run
✔ Blitz Pickup…

Offensive Line Pre Practice and Daily Drills

2007 Mega Clinics Notes for Offensive Line Drills – Pre Practice and Daily (Trinity University HC Steve Mohr)

Footwork freeze drills

Offensive Line Drills to improve their Footwork:
✔ Stance
✔ On/Post-Block
✔ Lead-Block
✔ Gap/Down-Block
✔ Reach-Block
✔ Pull Step
✔ Crossover
✔ Fold-Block
✔ Pass-Block

Offensive Line Runblocking

Offense Line Run Blocking Drills, plus 2007 Mega Clinic Notes of Trinity University HC Steven M. Mohr
Shoulder Block progression
✔ Blocking Schemes & technique drill
✔ Waggle Drill
✔ Team Waggle Drill
✔ Sweep Drill
✔ Team Sweep Drill
✔ Chute and Board Drill
✔ Chute and Shield Drill
✔ Fireout Drill
✔ Press Drill

Offensive Line Passblocking

Offense Line Pass Blocking Drills:
✔ Group Pass Protection
✔ Three On One
✔ Mirror Drill