Offensive Line Daily Drills

Offensive Line Pre Practice and Daily Drills


Stress to Linemen: Be Knee Benders. Not Waist Benders.

A. Hurdles:

Step over and under hurdles: Good stretch out exercise / warm up

B. Baseball Shuffle Drill:

Keep wide base – No Crossover – Hands Up and Be Quick

II.Agile Bag Drills:

A. High Knees:

Lean Forward – Run on Balls of Feet – Pump Arms – Eyes Forward

B. Same:

Both Feet in Every Hole

C. Lateral Shuffle:

Pick Feet UP – Eyes on Coach

D. Pass Set Weave:

Kick Slide Up and Back Changing Feet – Technique – Hands Up – Increase Tempo

E. Two Man Shuffle:

Change of Direction on Coach – Get Feet Down and Into Hole – Plant and Sprint Out on Command

III. Four Corner Duck Walk Drill:

  • Knees Bent Slightly Inside of Ankles
  • Back Arched – Feet Slightly Wider than Armpits
  • Arms Pumping with Stride

IV. Four Corner Pass Slide Drill:

A. Good Pass Set Position:

  • Weight Back
  • Hands / Eyes Up
  • Feel Instep into Ground
  • Drag or Slide Inside (Upfield) Foot
  • Incorporate Punch with Kick

B. Rotate Facing Inside to Outside Around Cones

V. Hand Replacement Drill:

Replacing Hands inside Defender Quickly / Powerfully / 15 second Duration

VI. Head Grab Drill:

Both on Knees Close in to partner / Hands on Thighs / Emphasize Reaction and Thrusting Head Away from Defender with Hands Punching Through Defender

VII. Slam Drill:

Reset Pass Rush Drill – Develops Balance – Emphasizes Hands Inside

  • A. Partners Working Together – Facing Each Other
  • B. Defender Pushes Offensive Lineman Backwards
  • C. OL Resists Pressure – Fights to Place Hands Back Inside

VIII. Footwork

Drills to Develop Quick Feet

A. Side to Side:

Must try NOT to Touch Line – 15 Seconds

B. Front to Back:

Emphasize Flexibility and Quickness

C. Box Drill: Up – Side – Back – Reverse Outline

VIII. Demeanor Drill:

Stance / First Step / Waddle

  • A. Emphasize Short Powerful 6″ Steps
  • B. Chest over Knees
  • C. Proper Feet Alignment – Pigeon Toed – Weight towards Inside Balls of Feet
  • D. Arms Pumping
  • E. Eyes on Target

This Practice Schedule is contributed by ©2007 Steve Mohr, at the time Head Coach at Trinity University – He retired after the 2013 season. – The Trinity Tigers are playing in the NCAA III – Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (SCAC).