Offensive Line Run Blocking Drills

Offensive Line Run Blocking Drills:

Shoulder Block Progression Drills
The Offensive Line Shoulder Block Progression Drills are an excellent way to introduce and teach the shoulder block to your offensive linemen.
Blocking Schemes & Techniques
The Offensive Line Blocking Schemes and Technique Drills are used to work on blocking schemes and techniques.
Waggle Drill
The Offensive Line Waggle Drill works on the proper pulling technique and path for the playside and the backside guard on the waggle play.
Buck Sweep Drills
The Offensive Line Buck Sweep Drills work on the proper pulling techniques for playside and backside Guard for the sweep play.
Chute and Board Drill
The Offensive Line Chute and Board Drill teaches the Linemen to stay LOW and keep a wide base.
Chute and Shield Drill
The Offensive Line Chute and Shield Drill teaches the Linemen to stay low, deliver a blow, drive and finish off the block.
Fire Out Drill
The Offensive Line Fire Out Drill works on good body position, quickness and hand placement of the Offensive Linemen when firing out of their stance.
Press Drill
The Offensive Line and Tight End Press Drill teaches all technique aspects of a good drive block.

2007 Mega Clinic Run Game Notes of Trinity University HC Steve Mohr

  1. Stance: Impress Linemen Exactly What a Proper Stance Looks and Feels Like (Cocked – Coiled – Comfortable)
    1. Down Phase: Feet Slightly Wider than Armpits, Toes Downfield Slightly Inward, Back Foot No Deeper Than Midpoint of Up Foot, Back Arched and Head Up)
    2. Stretch Phase: Extend Down Hand to Approximately 45 degree Angle
    3. Extend Phase: Lean and Bend Forward Placing Hand on Ground Slightly Inside of Knee. Thumb Even to Slightly Ahead of Eyebrow. Feet Flat on Ground (Some “air” Underneath Back Foot). Feel Power Angles Formed by Ankles and Knees. Must be Able to Pick Hand Off the Ground.

Coaching Point:

Player who has too much weight forward, get behind him and pull him back. Offset arm alongside knee. Scan your defender through your eyebrows.

  1. First Step: Shift weight slightly on instep opposite from first step
    1. Initial Step: Short, 6″ step leading with toe pointing towards target: Initial angle / depth depending on width of defender
    2. Shoulders Remain Low (No Numbers) with Knees Slightly Ahead of Toes on this Step
    3. Punch Step: Power and Thrust into Defender’s Sternum Bringing Eyebrows and Hairline Through Sternum with Hands Inside (Critical Point of Emphasis)

Coaching Point:

Stand behind OL to see if his elbows stay inside of his knees throughout this step

  1. Drive Block / Sustain: Engage Opponent and Emphasize the Feet on the Follow Through – (Pushing a Car)
  2. Teaching Hip Explosion:
    1. Medicine Ball Thrust: Explode / Laying Out / Thumbs Up and Extended / Follow Thru
    2. Shimmel Bag: Sit back then explode through with two step approach
  1. Board Drills:
    1. Demeanor Drill: Stance / Step / Follow Through
    2. Shrug Drill: Maintain Width in Stance and Balance
    3. Reach Drill: Deeper First Step
    4. Weave Drill: Readjust to Change of Direction
    5. One Arm Flipper: Steps and Timing
    6. Backside Cutoff: Combo Drill with Guard and Tackle
    7. Back Block and Trap

 This is contributed by ©2007 Steve Mohr, at the time Head Coach at Trinity University – He retired after the 2013 season. – The Trinity Tigers are playing in the NCAA III – Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (SCAC).