Offensive Line Chute and Shield Drill


To learn to stay low, deliver a blow, drive and finish off the block.


Other linemen hold shields in front of chutes. Get low with the shield trying to fight the block

  • linemen with shields at other end of chute
    • hold shield with both hands
    • stay low try to get under blocker
  • blockers get into proper 3 Point stance at entrance of chute
    facing different directions depending on the block you want to work on

    • straight ahead (offset to left or right
    • 45° angle to left or right
    • 90° angle for pull to left or right
  • fire out on call using proper steps

Coaching Points

  • keep feet wide
  • stay low
  • eyes on target
  • deliver blow
  • keep feet moving
  • fight through freeze point
  • drive man back
  • stay underneath defender “Low man wins”
  • drop elbow of arm used to deliver forearm
  • “bench press” defender
  • keep feet still moving


  • Chutes
  • Shields
  • Boards