Offensive Line Buck Sweep Drills


The Offensive Line Buck Sweep Drills work on the proper pulling techniques for playside and backside Guard for the sweep play.

Description & Coaching Points

Playside Guard

  1. 1st step is a 45° pull step towards the 1st cone (get depth immediately)
  2. 2nd step continue at a 45° route reading the wing’s butt
  3. Level off at 2 ½ yards at 4th step (clear the cone)
  4. Pick up force defender
  5. Work back up to the LOS to get inside out on the defender
  6. Finish off with running shoulder block with head up field

Backside Guard

  1. 1st step is flat along the LOS (stop at 90°)
  2. Stay LOW!!!
  3. Stop any dangerous penetration; allow no one to threaten
  4. Get about 1 to 1 ½ yards depth
  5. Turn up field at 1st opening after playside Tackle
  6. Look inside and seal; keep head to the outside


  • Cones
  • Linestrip
  • Shields or
  • Bags