Offensive Line Pass Blocking Drills

Offensive Line Pass Blocking Drills

Group Pass Protection Drills
The Offensive Line Group Pass Protection Drills help to simulate and develop one on one protection situations.
Mirror Drill
The Offensive Line Mirror Drill works on developing the ability to move and maintain the proper relationship with a moving defender.
3 Men Kick and Punch
The Offensive Line 3 Men Kick and Punch Drill teaches O-linemen how to kick for depth and width while maintaining their upright demeanor and deliver a punch
Baseball Swing and Punch Drill
The Offensive Line Baseball Swing & Punch Drill teaches the offensive linemen how to get out of their stance quickly, efficiently and ready to pass protect
Blind Push Drill
The Offensive Line Blind Push Drill teaches offensive lineman the upright demeanor and to have the ability to maintain his balance and power.
Mirror Dodge Drill
The Offensive Line Mirror Dodge Drill emphasizes the proper body/hand position, footwork, base and over all protection mechanics

2007 Mega Clinic Pass Game Notes of Trinity University HC Steven M. Mohr

I. Stance:

Begin with a Pass Set and what it should both look and feel like

  1. Boxer Drill:  3″ Punch Drill from Upright Stance (Stay Relaxed)
    • Feet –  Slightly Wider than Armpits, Slight Stagger with outside foot back
    • Knees  – flexed with weight placed on the insteps,
    • Back –  Flattened
    • Arms and Hands – elbows in and bent, hands up and fingers curled
    • Head – Chin back
    • Deliver short 6″ jab
  2. Push / Pull Drill: Defender grab OL between shoulder blades placing opposite hand into sternum.  OL has hands behind back.
    • Base / Balance Points of Emphasis
  3. Blind Man Bluff Drill:
    • Emphasize Proper stance throughout.  Balance and Stance are key.
  4. Balance / Retreat Drill:  Head and Weight Back

II. Punch Drills

Incorporating the Hands in Pass Blocking (Gloves)

  1. Stationary Punch:
    • Short, 6″ upward punch.  Emphasize timing and proper blow delivery
  2. Machine Gun Drill: (Shackles)
    • Timing – Arm / Elbow Extension.  Upward Angle on Blow
  3. 3 Man Recognition Drill:
    • Reaction and Delivery of Punch
  4. Walk and Punch:
    • Timing – Position of Hands –  Target

III. Medicine Balls

  1. Partner Prone Position Drill:  Reaction – Hands Away from Sternum
  2. Partner Shuffle Drill:  Keeping Hands Up – Reacting to Moving Object
  3. Partner Stance Drill:  Quickness of Hand Positioning and Timing

IV:  Mirror Dodge Drills

Partner Drills

  1. Blind Man Drill:  Contact and Pressure
  2. Mirror Dodge Retreat:  No Hands / Incorporate Hands
  3. Mirror Dodge Side to Side:  No Hands / Incorporate Hands

V. Pass Sets:  Begin on Air (Cones)

  1. Tackles:  Angle of Departure – Emphasize Depth of Set
  2. Guards:  Covered vs. Uncovered – Inside / Outside or Head Up – Head (Eyes) Always Inside
  3. Centers:  Drop Step Based on Width of DL – Hand Positioning
  4. All:  Inside Move by DL – Twists – Stunts, etc.

This is contributed by ©2007 Steve Mohr, at the time Head Coach at Trinity University – He retired after the 2013 season. – The Trinity Tigers are playing in the NCAA III – Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (SCAC).