Offensive Line Waggle Drill


The Offensive Line Waggle Drill works on the proper pulling technique and path for the playside and the backside guard on the waggle play.

Description & Coaching Points

Playside Guard

  • pull but don’t turn your shoulders
  • Stay low and get there quickly; do not get depth (clear the down block)
  • Block must be flat and aggressive
  • aiming point is outside foot of the tackle placing your inside shoulder to their outside leg for cutblock
  • Must come back (or upfield) hard for log block
  • Attack with left forearm (when logging right)
  • Swing your hips to the outside
  • Fit inside shoulder to outside leg of defender
  • Head must be upfield

Backside Guard

  • Throw elbow; open to 90°
  • 1st step is flat (this lets the FB pass you)
  • get depth on 2nd step
  • On the 3rd step you push off at a 45° angle toward the cone (the cone is 3 yrds off the inside foot of the tackle)
  • Pass in front of the cone
  • On the 4th step level off and pick up 1st force
  • Work back slightly to the inside and kick out the defender (bag)


  • Heavy standup-bags
  • Cones