Punting Line Drill


The purpose of this Punting Line Drill is to reinforce doing all mechanics in a straight line.

If the punter is drilled to approach the line of scrimmage in a straight line in practice, he will also approach in a straight line during a game.

Punters continually stress punting accuracy.

As you punt the ball down field the line extended will become your target.


  1. Ball placement:
    The punter should start with his punting foot on the line extended. As the punter receives the ball, he will begin his approach. As he moves forward, he should mold and place the ball in direct line with his punting leg.
  2. Approach:
    The punter will approach the line of scrimmage in a straight line. As the punter approaches, his punting foot should step on the line, while his non-punting foot steps inches off center.


This drill is hard for some punters. Sometimes slight drift off the line will help their performance.

Coaching Points

For the coach to view and the punter to perform, the line drill will emphasize correct:

  • ball placement
  • approach
  • leg swing
  • follow through.


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