Offseason Weight Lifting

Weight Lifting for Football

Football offseason nowadays means automatically time for weight lifting. The days that you could expect to win anything on the football field without following an elaborate strength training program in the offseason are long gone.

Therefore I will introduce here some different strength training programs for different levels and situations. Just be advised that you should always consult your strength coach on how to plan your own personal strength training program! Doing it wrong can be dangerous and can lead not only in poorer performance but actually even to injury. Also you should never! work out alone with weights!

Football Offseason Weight Lifting

Warm Up for Weightlifting
Effects of Warm Up for Weightlifting: Short- and long-term prevention of injuries and wears, Increasing physiological and mental readiness to perform…
Weightlifting Cool Down
Effects of Weightlifting Cool Down: Short- and long-term prevention of injuries, shortening of the regeneration time and initiation of the supercompensation
Weight Training Frequency
Correct Weight Training Frequency is crucial so all your weightlifting is not for naught
Every Day Strength Training
This simple and short Every Day Strength Training Program can be done every other day, whenever you do not have the opportunity to work out with weights
Hypertrophy Cycle Program
Hypertrophy Cycle Program is a systematic program that allows you to follow a precise program (exact # of sets and reps) over the complete workout phase
The Plyometrics Program will help you build explosive power in the muscles of your body that are responsible for the quick strength movements in the game.