Quarterback Set Up Drill


The purpose of the Quarterback Set Up Drill is to work on dropbacks in combination with a quick but precise release.


  1. Pair up Quarterbacks facing each other at a beginning distance of 20 yards
  2. Quarterback takes his presnap postion (or if with centers, gets under center)
  3. On snap count he simulates the snap (or if with centers takes the snap)
  4. Then takes his 3-, 5- or 7-step drop,
  5. sets up
  6. and throws the ball to his partner.

Start at 20 yards and work to 40 with lowest possible trajectory.

Throw hard and soft.

Use centers if possible.

Coaching Points

  • If with centers – first priority: secure the ball,
  • then quick drop.
  • Second to last dropstep is shorter,
  • QB should throw immediately after setup step, but never throw off balance.
  • Concentrate on speed on getting back.
  • Get depth, step up and throw to a target.
  • May time drops.


  • Ball(s)
  • eventually Centers