Quarterback Hash / Vision Drill


The purpose of the Hash / Vision Drill is to
  • improve snap count and taking the snap from center
  • improve Quarterback’s field vision
  • work on mechanics of drop (5-step drop)



  1. Align properly under center – go through your pre-snap-count routine (checking Defense for coverage and possible blitzes)
    1. Feet are armpit width apart with toes pointed upfield (maybe even a bit pidgeon-toed)
    2. Big toe on big toe with weight on insides of each foot (no stagger in stance)
    3. Toes are removed from butt of center to the point where there is a slight bend in the elbow of top and bottom hand (do not crowd the center with your feet; must have freedom of movement).
    4. Slight flex through the hips; shoulders slightly forward; head and eyes in a scan mode.
    5. Top hand (right hand for right handed quarterbacks, left hand for left handed quarterbacks) wrist deep on center’s butt with the space between the knuckle of the index finger and the knuckle of the middle finger on the center’s “brown” spot. Fingers of the top hand should be spread comfortably. The bottom hand (non-throwing hand) is meshed with the top hand. First joint of the thumb (non-throwing hand) is placed on the space between the first and second joint of the top hand (throwing hand). The fingers of bottom hand should be spread comfortably and pointed at opposite foot of center.

    Cadence (Snap Count) – In the proper stance with head and eyes moving, the quarterback goes through snap count with emphasis on clarity and using the different points at which the ball may be snapped.

  2. Snap to Completion of Drill (Quarterback). On the appropriate sound, the QB will take the snap and open with his right foot (right handed Quarterback) at 6 o’clock while putting his eyes through the middle of the field (MOF).  To get this step up and down we must drive off the inside of the left foot with as little rotation of the left foot as possible. At the completion of the first step the football should be on the downfield pectorals (pecs); the second step is a crossover step and the ball should be on the upfield pecs. The third step is a stretch step and must work for depth. Ball should be on the downfield pecs. Steps four and five (crossover/open) must be shortened and the fifth step (right foot for right handed quarterbacks) should be ever so slightly  offset to the right and stuck in the ground on the inside of the plant foot. At the completion of the fifth step the quarterback wil hitch (gather back) and make the appropriate throw.

Receivers and Coach

  1. Receivers (3) will align 14 yards deep (can also align shorter or deeper – depending what you want to work on) with one in the middle of the field and one on each hash. All 3 Receivers will face the Quarterback. The receiver to whom the coach points will extend his hands to catch the football when the coach points; the other two receivers will cross their arms in front of their chest signifying “no throw” – alternatively the “no throw” receivers turn their back to the quarterback while the “throw it to me” receiver simply gets into “ready” stance.
  2. Coach stands over an imaginary offensive tackle 7 yards deep and at some point during drop will point to one receiver.

Repeat 5 times then rotate QBs


  1. Receivers on hashes can widen off hashes as QB improves
  2. Coach can point to 2 receivers (both will show “throw it to me”) this helps QB to quicken his decision process – he should not hesitate to throw.
  3. Coach can point to none of the receivers – Now the Quarterback has to shift his body (eyes precede feet) – he now can either throw it away  or scramble into LOS.
  4. Set up receivers in pattern configuration and work on a particular pass. If this is the case, eyes of the Quarterback should stay through the middle of the field for the first 3 steps anyway, then go through the correct priority sequence for that pass.

Coaching Points

The important points during the drop are as follows:

  • Hands follow center (up & out)
  • Pressure on center (comes from top hand but applied by strong bottom hand – don’t let hands get split on snap)
  • Eyes through middle of field during drop – lead shoulder down, chin an lead shoulder
  • Relaxed through arms and shoulders with slight ball movement (PEC to PEC) during drop (do NOT lock elbows on rib cage)
  • As throwing motion starts the ball is pushed back and up
  • Really stress feet


  • 5-8 Footballs
  • Center (or snapping machine or assisting manager or QB)
  • 3 “Receivers” – additional QBs are best (if QB group is that big) or 12th man players, …