Quarterback Find Open Receiver Drill


The purpose of the Quarterback Find Open Receiver Drill is to improve the ability of the Quarterback to scan the whole field and find the open receiver and automatize his footwork.


  1. Set the QB up on the goal line.
  2. Scatter 10 – 15 receivers from sideline to sideline at varied depths ranging from 5 yards to 30 (be creative with your spacing).
  3. Have the QB to face his receivers and then the coach, standing behind the QB, will point to one of the receivers.
  4. After telling which one will be live, have the QB to simulate the snap and drop 5 – 7 yards and set to throw.
  5. All the while he should be scanning the field looking for the raised hand of the designated receiver (the receiver should wait 3 – 5 seconds before raising his hand).
  6. Upon seeing this, the QB will have to get into proper throwing position and determine the depth.
  7. Repeat this until all receivers have had one pass.

Coaching Points

  • non-stop scanning of the field
  • proper use of feet to turn the body (making him ever ready to throw)
  • quick release as soon as the “open” receiver is spotted, without rushing the throw with poor throwing technique


  • Football(s)
  • Receivers