Quarterback Passing Drills

Two Knees Drill
The Quarterback Warm Up Drill “Two Knees Drill” forces the Quarterback to focus on Good Arm and Upper Body Technique
One Knee Drill
The One Knee Drill in the Quarterback Warm Up Routine also works on the Quarterback Arm and Upper Body Technique with his hips locked in the step position.
Feet Parallel Drill
The Feet Parallel Drill in the Quarterback Warm Up Routine works on Good Body Technique with the legs working on the lead-in phase of the throw
Opposite Foot Drill
The Opposite Foot Drill in the Quarterback Warm Up Routine works on Good Body Rotation when forced to throw back without being able to set the feet right
Normal Foot Follow Through
The Normal Foot Follow Through Drill in the Quarterback Warm Up Routine is the final progression step of throwing the Ball now in a natural, complete motion
Circle Toss Drill
The Quarterback Circle Toss Drill works on practicing and improving the Quarterbacks technique throwing on the Run (especially on the Roll Out Pass)
Down The Line Drill
The Quarterback Down The Line Drill works on Throwing a Short Drop Off Pass on the Run
Sprint Out Drill
This Quarterback Sprint Out Drill works on improving the Quarterback’s mechanics on throwing the sprint out pass.
Set Up Drill
This Quarterback Set Up Drill works on the Quarterback’s dropback footwork in combination with a quick but precise release.
Individual Passroutes Drill
This Quarterback Individual Passroutes Drill works on improving the accuracy and timing of the quarterback throwing to specific receivers.
Find Open Receiver Drill
This Quarterback Find Open Receiver Drill is to improve the ability of the Quarterback to scan the whole field and find the open receiver.
Throwing Progression Drills
These Quarterback Throwing Progression Drills are excellent Warm Up Drills. They will improve arm strength and will help prevent arm soreness.
QB Read Progression Drill
This Drop and QB Read Progression Drill for Quarterbacks works on the footwork of the QB during drop back and going through the progression.
Spot Throw Drill
This Quarterback Spot Throw Drill is to teach and work on the QB going through the progression to find the open receiver.
Wave Drill
This Quarterback Wave Drill works on teaching and improving the pocket movement of the Quarterback on dropback passes.
Coverage Alignment Read Drill
This Quarterback Coverage Alignment Read Drill teaches and practices how to read the defensive coverage alignment.
Hash / Vision Drill
This Quarterback Hash / Vision Drill is a combination drills for Quarterbacks: works on snap, drop back footwork and field vision.