Quarterback Coverage Alignment Read Drill


The purpose of the Quarterback Coverage Alignment Read Drill is to teach the Quarterback (and the Receivers and Running  Backs) to read coverage alignment, or coverage on the move. At the same time it can also be used to teach defensive players to the proper alignment to various formations in coverage.


  1. Offensive and Defensive players in the huddle making calls.  Offense calls formation to align in and  Defense calls coverage to align in.
  2. Offense breaks the huddle and aligns at the line.  Defense assumes proper defensive alignment for coverage called in relation to formation shown by offense.
  3. Coach calls out player to identify coverage being played by defense.
  4. Can use two offensive and two defensive huddles
  5. Can run the same drill back-to-back for reps with two groups.

Coaching Points

  • Coaching WRs to read defensive alignment and rule out coverages that are not probable when they are confused.
  • Defensive coach will not have time to disguise coverage.  Can allow offense to run 5 yards down field and blow whistle then ask for coverage identification if defense is disguising coverage or prowling to coverage.
  • Drill can be for both sides of the ball so both coaches are coaching their players.


  • Each QB needs a football.
  • Offensive players can play defense so they can understand the defensive schemes much better.

This Coverage Alignment Read Drill is contributed by ©2007 Mike Emendorfer, Head Coach at University of Wisconsin at Platteville – The Platteville Pioneers are playing in the NCAA III – Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.