Offensive Line Stance Drill


The purpose of the Offensive Line Stance Drill is to get the linemen accustomed to snap into their stance immediately.


  1. Linemen are in ready position:
    • 2 point stance arms on knees/thighs
    • hands build loose fists that touch touch each other
    • the back is flat and
    • the is head up.
  2. On coaches call they will snap into their stance

Coaching Points

  • back flat
  • elbows on knees
  • hands and neck relaxed
  • no weight on heels
  • feet pointed straight ahead or slightly in (toes in, heels out)
  • taller guys can stagger feet
  • (toe to instep relation, foot of down hand back
  • down hand in front of same shoulder
  • only light weight on hand


  • none