Offensive Line Pulling Footwork Drill


  • To perfect the first steps for a Kickout-Block, a Trap-Block or a Log-Block
  • All trap/pull block is governed by “right shoulder right” or “left shoulder left”


  1. Linemen are in ready position:
    • 2 point stance arms on knees/thighs
    • hands build loose fists that touch touch each other
    • the back is flat and
    • the is head up.
  2. On coaches call they will snap into their stance
  3. on a given cadence the players explode from their stance and freeze after their first step
Once the first step is mastered by all linemen, let them freeze after their second step

Coaching Points

  • front side arm is thrown back (hit someone with elbow)
  • short open step with playside foot
  • no false step with backside foot
  • pivot on backside foot
  • chest on thigh
  • eyes up
  • on first step:
    • make sure the lineman focuses more on getting square and getting depth into the backfield and does not cheat sideways
  • on second step:
    • rip backside arm and leg through,
    • make sure the lineman stays low with chest still over his thigh (“run behind your pads”)


  • none