Quarterbacks: The Scrambling Triangular


The purpose of the Quarterback Scrambling Triangular Drill is to teach and improve the footwork of the QB if he is ever under attack when dropping back into the pocket.


  1. QB drops back 5 steps with the ball up right showing pass.
  2. After the drop (keeping the ball in the passing position) he runs upward to the right at a 45 degree angle
  3. then side shuffles to the left
  4. and drops back at a 45 degree angle again to the right
  5. and ends up where he started.
  6. After he returns to the start position he then throws a pass to a player or coach standing on the right or left to develope throwing in different direction.

Repeat the Scrambling Triangular Drill with starting to the left, shuffling to the left, and dropping back to the left again.

Coaching Points

  • what ever direction he travels, he must step with that foot first.
    meaning (if he is going right he must step with the right foot and if he is going left he should step with the left foot first).
  • to make sure the Quarterback is aware you could put your hand up as a signal for him to throw and this could happen any time in motion (QB must understand the window of opportunity only comes once I teach so you must be prepared)


  • Ball(s)