Quarterback Drop Back Square Drill


The purpose of the Quarterback Drop Back Square Drill is
  • To improve the footwork of the QB on dropback passes.
  • and is especially working on consitency in drop back depth


  1. mark a square with towels or flat pylons, the sides being the ideal drop-depth of the quarterback for either (depending on what drop you want him to work on).
    • 3-step drop
    • 5-step drop
    • 7-step drop
  2. right-handed quarterbacks start at a pylon facing in such a way that  one pylon is to the left and one exaclty behind them. Left-handed start with one pylon being to their right.
  3. After simulating the snap he takes his 3-, 5- or 7-step drop ending in a ready-to-throw position exactly over the pylon that was behind him.
  4. From there he just gets into his pre-snap stance and repeats.
  5. After four drops he should end up exactly over the first pylon again.

Coaching Points

  • Look for correct technique as described in the dropback drill
  • Marking the exact size of the square isn’t that important, it mainly helps to ensure that the drops are in an 90°-angle to each other,
  • more important is that the quarterback ends up exactly on the starting position, because that only happens when all of his drops are of the same depth.


  • Football(s)
  • 4 Pylons (or towels) per Quarterback