Quarterback Drop Techniques

Here’s an overview of the different Quarterback Drop Techniques:

3 Quick (Depth: 3.5 yards)

  1. Punch step
  2. Quick reach step
  3. Quick crossover step
  4. Left shoulder drops on crossover
  5. As the third step hits
    The ball comes back to the back number
    The ball is positioned to throw as the right foot hits the ground

(Used on stops/quick outs)

* Depth of the drop is not as crucial as getting rid of ball quickly: 1-2-3-Throw

QB focus on the box on first step, 2nd step eyes should be on the target.

On the third step your toes should be in the ground#

Hang and hold when you have to dump off.

Big three step drop (Depth: 4 to 4.5 yards)

Used on slants and Y sticks

Steps are longer

Stretch on the first step#

Be under control on the second step

Hand and hold if slant is covered – then dump it off.

Quick five step drop (Depth: 6.5 yards)

Used on speed outs and thin posts

5 Steps – plant and throw

  1. Punch
  2. Quick reach
  3. Quick crossover
  4. Quick reach
  5. Quick crossover
    Shoulders down
  6. Toes in the ground
    Set hips to the target and throw

Big five step drop (Depth: 7.5 yards)

Used on curls

12-14 yard routes

Use a hitch step on big five drop

  1. Punch
  2. Big reach
  3. Big crossover
  4. Smaller reach – throttle
  5. Smaller cross – Shoulder down
  6. Toes in the ground – re-set – throw
  7. Three big steps, 2 smaller steps

Don’t peak over the rush – see thru the rush

Full 7 step drop (Depth: 9 yards)

Launch point 7.5 yards because of the hitch step

No concern for hot or sight adjustments

  1. Three big steps
  2. Four controlled steps
  3. Big reach
  4. Big crossover
  5. Big reach
  6. Four quick steps for balance

Get back deep and fast

Used on 18-20 yard schemes (cobbs or digs)

Controlled 7 step drop

Used on shallow cross routes

  • 2 unders
  • Y unders
  • flanker drives

You may have to dump ball off etc.

Roll outs

  1. 1st step straight back
  2. 2nd step build for width and depth
  3. Want a nine yard arch
  4. Throw punch with left arm
  5. Balance up
  6. Step at target – hips to target
  7. form the L
  8. Follow the ball

Coach Fred P. Mariani took the head coaching job at Iona College as the first full time head coach in the 33-year history of the Iona College Gaels football program (NCAA I-AA) in 1998. – After the 2008 Season Iona College discontinued the Football program.
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