Quarterback Circle Option Drills


The purpose of the Quarterback Circle Option Drills is to improve the footwork on the option play (especially the pitch-option) and the pitch itself.


For this drill are two Quarterbacks needed.

  1. Mark an offensive line with either a linestrip or cones.
  2. First Quarterback lines up “behind the center”, the second Quarterback lines up as the pitch man.
  3. First Quarterback shouts out the (abbreviated) cadence, then runs full speed through his steps and pitches at the pitch decision point to the pitchman, who ran the correct route for the pitchman.
  4. Line up on the other side of the offensive line, now the second Quarterback taking the QB role and the first QB taking the role of the pitchman.


  1. The coach or 3rd or 4th Quarterback lines up as the defender off who’s action the keep-pitch decision follows, and shows either action down the line => pitch or action upfield => keep.
  2. If you play the option with a fullback-mesh and have a third Quarterback available, you can extend the drill to having the third QB taking the role of the fullback, and have the QB perform a correct mesh before continuing down the line.
  3. combine Variation 1. and Variation 2.

Coaching Points

  • As fast as possible without getting sloppy with the footwork and the runpath
  • Stress precision
  • Stress tempo especially between pitch and new setup
  • Coach on the run
  • Let players get into a routine (but don’t let them just “go through the motions”)


  • linestrip or cones
  • Ball(s)