Quarterback Roll Out Drills


The purpose of these Quarterback Roll Out Drills is to teach and improve the footwork of the QB on Roll out passes.


  1. Use a line-strip or put cones up marking the Center and Tackles.
  2. Put cones or towels about 6 yrds behind the Tackles.
  3. QB takes his presnap stance
  4. shouts out a short cadence
  5. simulates the snap and rolls out around the cone/towel in the backfield
  6.  and executes a throwing motion without actually throwing the ball about 1 yard behind the LOS.
  7. QB should continue running downfield about 5 yards across the LOS.

The throwing motion is just to give the QB more of a feeling where that LOS is, so he will know when he crosses the LOS and can’t throw the ball any more.

In teaching period each QB should do it on his own, but when using this drill as a routine drill, all QBs can line up about 5 yards apart, with one QB giving the cadence and all QBs doing the rollout (to the same side, of course 😉 ).

Coaching Points

  • QB has to push off with the left foot (when rolling right) and get depth.
  • The top of the arc should be behind the Tackle (where you put the cone or towel) and be reached with 5 steps.
  • Then the QB should shorten his stride running ‘downhill’ under control.
  • When running towards the LOS the QB should turn the upper body with non-throwing shoulder pointing downfield (almost “turning his back to the receiver”), while his hips are still turned towards where he is running.
  • QB should take the ball up in front of his right armpit (for left-handed QBs the left armpit) with his first step, holding it tight with both hands.
  • During the rollout the ball should stay put in front of his right armpit, while the elbows should hang/swing loose to improve balance


  • Ball(s)
  • Cones
  • Linestrip