Quarterback Drop Drills


The purpose of the Quarterback Drop Drills is to teach and improve the footwork of the QB on drop back passes.


  • 3-Step Hit and Throw right and left
  • 5-Step Hit and Throw right and left
  • 5-Step Hitch and Throw right and left
  • 7-Step Hitch and Throw right and left

Coaching Points

  • Emphasize hustling to set-up point and footwork.
  • Use yard stripe.
  • Warm-up with crossover drop back technique from sideline to hash.
  • Keep hip open and chin up over shoulder to see field.


  • Ball(s)

Coach Fred P. Mariani took the head coaching job at Iona College as the first full time head coach in the 33-year history of the Iona College Gaels football program (NCAA I-AA) in 1998. – After the 2008 Season Iona College discontinued the Football program.
From 2008 through the end of the 2018 season Fred P. Mariani was the Director of Football Recruiting Operations at Rutgers.