Wide Receiver Rabbit Drill


  • To expose the WR or R-Back to a one on one open field situation when he must make the defender miss a tackle.


  1. Align the ball carrier, holding a football midway between the right hash mark and the near sideline on the plus 25 yard line.
  2. A defensive back is positioned ten yards in front of the ball carrier.  Another defender (the rabbit) is placed five yards behind the ball carrier.
  3. The boundaries of the drill are formed by the hash marks, the sideline, the 25 yd line, goal-line.  The four corners of the drill are marked with cones.
  4. The ball carrier is instructed to cut either left or right to avoid the tackle. The Rabbit is instructed to chase the ball carrier to insure that he does not hesitate to long as he tries to avoid the tackle.
  5. On coach’s command, the ball carrier sprints for the goal line as front-facing defender tries to execute the open field tackle.

Coaching Points

  • Stress the importance of ‘setting up’ the defender with a preliminary move.
  • Stress the importance of acceleration in the open field, not breaking down, otherwise the pursuit will run the back down.
  • Ball protection should always be in mind.


  • Football(s)

This Drill is contributed by ©2007 Mike Emendorfer, Head Coach at University of Wisconsin at Platteville – The Platteville Pioneers are playing in the NCAA III – Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.