Wide Receiver Scramble Routes Drill


Teach Receivers how to react and adjust their routes when the Quarterback has to scramble


  1. Have a QB (can be the Coach) and a set of receivers line up for the called passplay
  2. When the Quarterback did his drop he starts sprinting paralell to the LOS, to the left or right (On signal of Coach)
  3. As soon as the Receivers see the QB scrambling, they break up their original passroute and run the scrambling route according to your scramble rules.
  4. When QB reaches the Numbers (or on Coaches command), he throws the ball either to one of the receivers or away.

Coaching Points

  • Drill should be run full speed!
  • Make sure, that receivers don’t cheat (i.e. not running full speed until scramble
  • Explain Scrambling rules
  • QB should never throw to a receiver who didn’t run his scrambling route correctly.


  • Football(s)