Wide Receiver Receiving Drills

Over The Shoulder Drill
This Wide Receiver Over The Shoulder Drill is to get the receiver aquainted with catching the ball over his shoulder using different methods.
Back Of The Endzone Drill
The Wide Receiver Back Of The Endzone Drill helps the players adjust to catching the ball near the end zone.
Warm Up Drills
These Wide Receiver Warm Up Drills can be used before practice to let receivers warm up and practice to work on concentrating on catching the ball properly
Net Drills
The Wide Receiver Net Drills improve the players’ ability to catch difficultly thrown passes.
Quick Ball Drills
The Wide Receiver Quick Ball Drills work on developing receivers quickness, body control and body lean.
One Hand Drill
The Wide Receiver One Hand Drill is to help the player concentrate on making difficult catches with one hand.
Tap Dance Drill
The Wide Receiver Tap Dance Drill helps to improve the player’s ability of catching the ball near the sidelines and planting one foot or two feet in bounds
Turn and Up Drill
This Wide Receiver Turn and Up Drill helps to improve the player’s ability to catch the ball near a sideline and turn up field and go.
Scramble Routes Drill
The Wide Receiver Scramble Routes Drill teaches the Receivers how to react and adjust their routes when the Quarterback has to scramble
Rabbit Drill
The Wide Receiver Rabbit Drill teaches and practices how to avoid a would be open field tackler without slowing down.