Wide Receiver Blocking Drills

The importance of Wide Receiver Blocking Drills

No doubt a receiver that can’t run his routes, and/or can’t catch isn’t worth much to his team. But his value and his contribution to the success of his team raises to the top when he is also a good blocker! On every great long run you can be sure that there was at least one great downfield block by an unselfish receiver…

Wide Receiver Blocking Drills:

Mirror Drill
Every good block starts with getting into the right position, this mirror drill works on getting into the right position to set a successful block
Stalk Blocking
The stalk blocking drill concentrates on helping the WR to get into the defenders way to shield him of from making the play…
Shoulder Block Progression
The Shoulder Block Progression teaches the correct technique of the shoulder block to help the Wide Receivers setting an efficient block on Linebackers
Stalk Block Drill
The Wide Receiver Stalk Block Drill teaches and practices the wide receivers to set an efficient open field block vs defensive backs.