Wide Receiver Warm Up Drills


These drills can be used before practice to let receivers warm up and at the same time practice to work on concentrating on catching the ball properly.


Divide receivers into two groups with a coach on both sides of the field to throw balls. Receivers start in a two point stance and run across the field at half speed. The coach waits until receiver runs ten yards before throwing the ball. The ball should be thrown with a good high arch. The receiver catches the ball mid-way across the field and strides across to the sideline. After each player has gone one time in both lines, the drill is then repeated using one hand and over the head.

Coaching Points

Emphasis is placed on good running form and not speed. These drills are always run at half speed so as to allow the receiver to warm up his body. The coach should stress warming up and looking the ball into his hands.


  • Balls
  • eventually Quarterback(s)