Quarterback Globetrottering Drill


The purpose of the Quarterback Globetrottering Drills is to develop and improve the quarterbacks sense of touch for the football.


Starting postion: Quarterback holds football in front of body with two hands

First the Quarterback lets the football go around his waist:

  1. Right hand brings football to his back
  2. passes the football there to his left hand
  3. which brings it back in front of the quarterback
  4. and hands it over to the right again.

Then the Quarterback lets the football run eights around his legs:

  1. Right hand brings football back between his legs
  2. Left hand comes from behind and takes football
  3. then the left hand moves the football around the quarterbacks left leg
  4. and reaches it back through the legs to the right hand

Let Quarterback change directions frequently
Increase speed as quarterback gets better

Coaching Points

  • Stress quickness and ballcontrol.


  • Football(s)