Quarterback Grip Lock Drill


The purpose of the Quarterback Grip Lock Drill is
  • to strengthen the quarterback’s grip on the football
  • and to improve the ballcontrol on quick movement like option pitch fake.


  1. Quarterback holds the ball at chest level with two hands
  2. then he lets go with the left hand and wings the right arm with the ball to the right
  3. there he turns the hand with the ball in such way that the palm of the hand faces to the outside and the thumb pointing down (the elbow should lock out at full extension)
  4. then the quarterback brings the ball back to starting position
  5. there he exchanges the ball to the left hand as fast as possible
  6. and repeats the procedure with the left arm

Increase speed as the Quarterback gets better.

Coaching Points

  • Ball should always be completely controlled,
  • Quarterback keep control of football with left hand on exchange until right hand completely controls the football (and vice versa).


  • Football(s)