Quarterback Ball Handling Drill Combinations


  • The purpose of the Quarterback Ball Handling Drill Combinations is to combine the 3 Ball Handling Drills (Grip drop drill, Grip lock drill and Globetrottering) for maximum Ball security.
  • plus concentration of quarterback since type of movement changes constantly.


  1. Combine the three drills (Grip drop drill, Grip lock drill and Globetrottering) like each 3 times then the next or similar
  2. Then combine them on command (Quarterback should always complete the current exercise)

Increase speed as Quarterback gets better

Coaching Points

  • See individual drills
  • plus correct switch of drilltype (after the correct number of reps)
  • when doing the switch on command stress
    • correct completion of the current exercise and
    • permanent control of the football


  • Football(s)