Offense vs Defense Scramble Drill


The purpose of this Offense vs Defense Scramble Drill is to teach and practice skills to scramble and pass receiving rules, and on the same time to teach and practice the correct pass coverage adjustments by the defense.


  1. Align a skeleton pass defense over the football at the midpoint of selected line of scrimmage.
  2. A perimeter pass defense is positioned over the offense.  Two additional defenders are placed at the Defensive guard position.
  3. The QB calls out the  play at the L.O.S.
  4. On cadence and ball snap, the QB executes his pass drop as the receivers run their assigned pass routes
  5. The defensive perimeter players react to the offense any manner they wish.  Their goal is to prevent reception or cause an interception. The Defensive guards are to chase the QB and initiate a QB scramble.  They then chase and try to tag the QB.
  6. When the QB initiates his scramble, the WR alter their designed pass routes and follow their normal scramble rules.
  7. Drill from all formations and from various field positions. (Hash marks—Red Zone—Coming out Area)

Coaching Points

  • It’s both an Offensive and an Defensive Drill.


  • Each QB needs a football

This Team Offense Uncovered Receiver Drill is contributed by ©2007 Mike Emendorfer, Head Coach at University of Wisconsin at Platteville – The Platteville Pioneers are playing in the NCAA III – Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference.