Offense vs Defense The "Superbowl" Drill


The purpose of this Offense vs Defense “Superbowl” Drill is to bring in some competition and to start scrimmaging with small groups.


  • mark a playing field about 7 by 15 yards.
  • build teams of 4
    Offense: 3 Linemen, 1 RB
    Defense: 2 or 3 Linemen, and 2 or 1 LB
  • each team gets 3 drives of 4 tries to score.
  • if a team looses twice it’s out, round robin.

Coaching Points

  • Make sure you call and penalize all penalties.
  • Assistant coaches should critique only individual mistakes but also point out things done well. But not while the team is competing.


  • Football(s)
  • Cones