Offense vs Defense 7 on 7 Passing Drills


The purpose of these Offense vs Defense 7 on 7 Passing Drills is to work on Offense on the Passing Game and simultaniously to work on Defense on their Pass Coverages.


On Offense run all your pass plays without Offense Line (just with Center to get correct timing including the snap).

On Defense engage all positions which are responsible for pass coverage, usually linebackers and defensive backs, call all coverages except those involving the defense line players. Don’t blitz more defenders than there are Running Backs in the backfield.

Coaching Points

Make sure the Quarterback doesn’t hold the ball longer than he could in full scrimmage or game.

Blitzing LB should be picked up by RB, if not due to assignment he should run by the QB. So you still can see if the coverage is doing ok.


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