Offense vs Defense 2 Minute Drill


The purpose of the Offense vs Defense 2 Minute Drill is to work on both sides of the ball on the 2-Minutes Situation:

Offensive Side: Play calling, quick lineup, recoginition of the defensive coverage, down-and-distance-situation, time situation…

Defensive Side: Quick recognition of the offensive lineup, alignment and assignment according to offensive lineup, down-and-distance-situation, time situation…


  • Preparation:
    The responsible coach for the 2-Minute Offense prepares for each practice a set of scenarios which will be practiced, i.e. Ball on own 43, 1:35 to go and 2 points down and the number of available timeouts for each side. – He should make some scenarios where a field goal is sufficient, and some where a TD with a 2-Point conversion are needed…
  • Immediately after team warm-up (and at least once a week) the 2-Minute Drill is announced.
  • All Offensive Players go to one side of the field and the defensive players will group in the opposite side’s teamzone.
  • Then the first scenario is announced and the ball is placed accordingly.
  • From now on make it as game like as possible: Have someone (Assistant Coach) operate the “game-clock” according to the league-rules, have another coach (or inactive player) spot the ball as quickly as possible…
  • The only exception to real game situation is the “quick whistle”, that is as soon as the forward progress is obviously stopped the whistle stops the play, don’t let any  injury prone team-tackling happen, if avoidable. Also tell the defense that a good wrap-up is enough for a tackle!
  • Each drive ends due to a turnover, turnover on downs, time-expires (defense wins) or score by the offense sufficient to win or tie the game (offense wins)

Coaching Points

  • No coaching during the drill.
  • The only coaching during the drill is what you also can do during a game from the sidelines.
  • Coaching between drills is ok.
  • If possible video tape the drive with a camera covering the whole field (well all players on the field) and coach afterwards in the classroom, on where the players left unnecessary time on the field and which routes weren’t run right, and show the QB and the receivers how to take advantage of misalignments and assignments of the defensive coverage.
  • On the defensive side you can teach how alignments and assingments can be improved


  • Football(s)
  • Kicking Plate (if allowed in your league)
  • Whistle