Running Back Stance and Start Drill

Purpose of the Stance and Start Drill

The running back Stance and Start Drill works on the running back’s proper stance and start (take off).

These drills are actually the natural next step of the Freeze Drills, which are to work on the first step. Now these drills work on getting smoothly from taking the first step correctly into full speed running motion.

Description of the Stance and Start Drill

  1. Straight Ahead – Right and Left
  2. Fire 45° – Right and Left
  3. Pull – Right and Left
  4. Crossover – (45° and lateral) Right and Left

Coaching Points of the Stance and Start Drill

  • Check for correct arm action and foot-placement as already described for the Freeze Drills.
  • Make sure the players don’t take shortcuts just because the next steps will follow. If neccessary go back to the Freeze Drills.
  • Check also for a correct stance that doesn’t give away where the RB will run.
  • If possible make videos of the Freeze drills and the Stance and Start drills. Ideally the first step of both drills should be very much alike, if not discuss with the players where they can (and should) improve and why.

Equipment for the Stance and Start Drill

  • none