Rope Drills

Purpose of the Rope Drills

  • The ropes can be added to almost any drill.
  • Besides the sleds, it is the most important device.
  • Therefore, it must be utilized.

The ropes help the players to learn to pick up their feet while running and changing directions. They also force the players to set their feet precisely until it becomes natural to them. Especially for runningbacks it is of high importance to be able to change direction at any moment without “forgetting” to pick up their feet and put them into the ground with authority.

Description of the Rope Drills

  • Bunny Hop
    Each player will hop (both feet on ground-together-then jump) hitting every hole.
  • Checker Board
    Each player will hop (same technique as bunny hop) checker boarding hitting 1 space and then jumping 45° to another hole. The zig-zag will continue until space of stepper is covered.
  • High Stepper
    Each player will high step the entire distance stepping into each space separately churning the legs. This will be the left foot on the left side each time it comes down and the right foot on the right side.
  • Cross Over
    The cross over is moving down the ropes alternating right foot to left side, left foot to right side, right foot to left side, etc.

These are just a few basic examples of stepping sequences, which should be run every time as a warm-up routine whenever you utilize the ropes. The ropes drills can also be incorporated into other drills and/or conditioning or agility circles.

Coaching Points of the Rope Drills

  • All backs must carry a football during drill.
  • Get good height and arm action.
  • Move as quickly as possible.
  • Running movement should be smoth and rhythmic.
  • Check also that ball is always held correctly.

Equipment for the Rope Drills

  • Rope
  • Balls