Running Back Square Drill

Purpose of the Square Drill

The purpose of this Running Back Square Drill is to teach a good 90° sweep cut. The sharper the running back is able to make this 90° cut from running sideways to attacing the LOS straigth a head the better are his chances to hit a hole in the defense which might not be able to react quickly enough to his abrupt change of direction.

Description of the Square Drill

  1. Set 4 cones in a square of 3 to 5 yards size.
  2. Let players walk/run around performing a 90° cut at each corner.

Increase speed as players get better:

  • walk through
  • 1/2 speed
  • as fast as you can – under control

The closer the drill can be run to full game speed the larger the square should be.

Coaching Points of the Square Drill


  • staying low,
  • planting and pushing off the outside foot
  • make sure you go both ways: clockwise and counterclockwise
  • players shouldn’t shorten their steps just to make the cut as close to the cones as possible but rather where it comes naturally from the length of their steps.
  • The purpose of this drill is not to make a 90° cut at a certain spot under any circumstances but rather to teach a clean 90° cut at highest possible speed.

Equipment for the Square Drill

  • 4 cones
  • Balls