Running Back Pass Blocking

Running Back Pass Blocking Drills

On pass plays there are two tasks running backs have to fulfil. Either they are going out onto a passroute or they have to stay in to block. Well most of the time this is even a decision the running back has to make right at the snap or even shortly after that. So it is crucial that the running back is confident in recognising what to do, like stay in to block if the defense sends a blitzer who cannot be picked up by the offensive line, or to go out onto his passroute. These running back pass blocking drills do not only practice the correct technique of picking up a blitzing linebacker or defensive back, but also prepare him to make the right decision according to what the defense shows him.

Pass Protection Drill
This Running Back Pass Protection Drill teaches the Blocking of an Outside Rusher, i.e. an outside Linebacker.
Blitz Pick Up Drills
These Blitz Pick Up Drills for Running Backs work on the Ability of the RB to quickly identify the most dangerous Blitzer and block him.