Running Back Agility Drills

About the importance of running back agility

Running backs have to be strong and quick, but most of all they also have to be agile. Running backs need their agility to be able to cut to the opening quick enough so that the defense doesn’t have a chance to close that gap before the running back gets through. They also need their agility to cut out would be tacklers in the open field and to run precise passroutes.

Running back agility drills

High knee running over bags
The “High knee running over bags” Running Back Drill works on the ability of the Running Back to run in high traffic over players lying on the ground
Zig Zag Run Drill
The “Zig Zag Run Drill” Running Back Drill works on the ability of the running back to change direction with good body control
Rope Drills
The “Rope Drills” Running Back Agility Drills work on quick feet and picking up the feet when running
Freeze Drill
The Freeze Drill for Running Backs works on the first step for the various starting directions: foot placement and arm action.
Stance and Start Drill
The Running Back Stance and Start Drills work on the correct stance and the first steps: foot placement, arm action and body control
Square Drill
The Running Back Square Drill works on making sharp (90 degree) cuts at highest possible speed but under good body control.
Jump Cut Drill
The Running Back Jump Cut Drill improves the ability to attack the LOS at full speed and adjust to the opening in the last split of a second