Linebacker Shed Skate and Tackle Drill


This Linebacker Shed Skate and Tackle Drill teaches and improves the linebackers ability to shed a block, beating a cut block and making a tackle on the move.


Position a blocker (with or without a blocking shield) in front of the linebacker. A second blocker (maybe throwing a tackling dummy) lines up about 5 yards to one side and about 2 yards back. The ballcarrier lines up about another 5 yards outside and another 6 yards back.

The drills starts with the blocker performing a base or reach block on the linebacker.

The linebacker has to shed / beat that block and then continue along the line, beating the cut block and then performing an open field tackle on the ballcarrier, who starts running, when the linebacker is engaged in the cut block.

It is important to first teach techniques before getting into more live action. Therefore use shields and dummies for the blocks in the beginning and let the linebacker make “just” a form tackle. Go to more “live” action as the players improve on the technique.

Coaching Points

Linebacker should always keep his balance and run low to be able to protect his knees.


  • Football
  • Shield
  • Tackling dummy