Linebacker Counter Drill


This Linebacker Counter Drill will help your Linebackers play the counter effectively.  The CNTR (counter) is one of the more difficult running plays in football to defend.  This drill will teach a linebacker how to effectively change direction once he recognizes the play is a CNTR.


Set up 3 cones, the first two will be 2 yards apart, the third will be 4 yards from those 2. (3 cones in a straight line, 6 yards long, see diagram below)

The player should be in a good two point stance, 3 yards deep straddling the middle cone.

On the coaches command the LB will take 1or 2 short shuffles to the cone that is nearest to him.

When he reaches that cone that is when he will react as if he has seen CNTR.  The LB will then change direction, begin a crossover run accelerating around the farthest cone.

Coaching points

The coaching points for the short shuffle is to keep the shoulders square and do not cross your feet.

Do not HOP while shuffling. (Keep your body level).

For the crossover run, stay square to the line of scrimmage and the player should kick his heel out toward the direction he is moving.  This will force the LB’s hips and shoulders to stay square.

While accelerating around the farthest cone, stay square to the line of scrimmage.


  • 3 cones

This Linebacker Counter Drill is contributed by ©2007 Keith F. Migliorino, at the time Linebacker Coach and Specials Teams Coordinator at Kean University – The Kean Cougars are playing in the NCAA III – New Jersey Athletic Conference.