Linebacker Read the Play Drill


The purpose of this Linebacker Read the Play Drill is to teach the linebackers to read the block of the offensive lineman and recognize the play and react properly.


Align 4 players as three OL-men plus a FB, put two players as DL on the outside two OL and a LB on the middle OL.

Signal the offensive players their assignments and a snap count.

On the snap count the offensive players carry out their blocks and the linebacker reacts accordingly. Make sure all linebackers get a sufficient number of repetitions.

Start off at half speed, and pick up the speed as players get better.

include DL personnel if you don’t have enough linebackers.

Coaching Points

Make sure offensive personnel carries out its assignments correctly.

Linebackers have to be in proper stance and alignment before the “snap”.

Emphasize the correct movement while reading the block/play and the correct reaction to the read play.

Don’t allow any sloppiness on either side.

The intensity of contact should be low, correct and quick reaction is the purpose of this drill.


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